What it was

There always was a fire burning through his soul and body. No matter how hard he tried he could never contain it or control it. A fire that was not satisfied by success or failure, nor by happiness or misery. Until one day he met her and everything changed. The moment he saw her the fire was restrained. Before she spoke, before he even knew her name he found himself at peace.

It was not what she said, but her voice. It was not where she went, but how she carried herself. He did not see her face, but her soul. The eyes however he could see. When she looked at him he could feel her look through him. It was not necessarily love, nor was it friendship. It was something much more, something too great to have a name. He did not need to see her or hear her, all he needed was the presence of her soul next to his. It changed him, it made him a better man.

Until one day she left. Her soul was no longer present, and so his soul suffered. The fire did not go back to burning through his entity. The fire stopped burning. Perhaps it was his final attempt at controlling it ever again, or maybe the fire just didn’t want to exist anymore.


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