They say logical people are devoid of emotions. They may even go as far as to say that they’re AFRAID of emotions. They say logic is a shield and that it’s easier to make logical decisions when you put aside your feelings. Well I disagree.

So what does an “emotional” person do when they’re grieved by something one of their friends did or said? Emotional people would just wait for the person to notice how upset they are and make it up to them. They may even make them work hard to prove that apology. What do emotional people do when they’re mentally exhausted and just can’t take it anymore? They complain, in excess, and might even give up.

They say that their emotions control them. They say they’re so connected with their emotions that they can’t think straight. They say it with pride making others feel inadequate or like lesser humans for not being “connected”. In fact, if they’re REALLY connected with their emotions and are just good good people deep down, they’ll feel sorry for you. What ever happened to you that messed you up so much that you became logical?

I say they don’t know what they talk about. I say their emotions are mostly artificial. What do logical people do when they’re upset by something one of their friends or loved ones did or said? Logical people assess their emotions. Logical people know their emotions better than anyone. They know how much they care about that person and from there they can decide whether to let it go simply because the person is more important than the deed, or to really let it go because the person is less important than the deed. A logical person will tell you you upset them in hope of avoiding this situation in the future because you matter, not to make you beg for forgiveness.

Logical people get mentally exhausted too because contrary to popular belief, they’re human too and they get tired. So, what do they do? Complain? Yes, because humans complain because humans are weak. What next? Do they keep complaining? No. Using their super logical devoid of emotion powers they know whether the task they’re working on is worth the exhaustion or not. If yes, they get back at it. If not, they let it go altogether.

In a way, logical people know what they want and if that says anything then it means they know their emotions better than anyone. They have enough knowledge of their emotions to make decisions they want and won’t regret later on.  So no, there are no robots living among us looking like humans (damn that would be cool). There are people who don’t feel the need to portray how they feel to the world thinking it will make a difference, seeking comfort, or wanting someone to ask them why they’re so happy giving them an opportunity to ramble about how they feel.

I’d take a logical person over an emotional one any day of the week. After all, someone who shows no emotions is better than someone who portrays fake ones.