Poem: To Fly

They pushed him down and said he’d never fly
The little boy tumbled and started to cry
He went home to his mother who said “my oh my”
He told her he was told he couldn’t even try
She said “well maybe they’re right, you don’t always have to put up a fight”
The little boy couldn’t believe what he had heard
For even a child this was absurd
He swore to himself that he’d make them see
That one day like a bird he’d be
The boy grew older and grew a moustache
But the fire in his chest never turned to ash
He had become a man but still didn’t have a single fan
He refused to quit what he one day began
Idea after idea and thought after thought the little boy continued to plot
He started to experiment but always failed
His friends’ cynicism always prevailed
Until one day he tried and nearly died
His father told him “just let it go”
He asked him if this was all just a show
The boy was surprised for he thought his father would understand
That to fly is his heart’s sole demand
He left home but was never alone
For passion and ambition were his companions
He never did complain or even moan
Until one day the little boy yet fully grown man was able to put together a plan
Even he couldn’t believe it
He had finally succeeded
He soared like a bird up in the sky
“I told them that I’d one day fly”
He enjoyed the view as everything from up here looked new
Then he thought about telling his family and crew
But a sad thought shadowed his glee
“If they could see all of this with me, down there is still where they’d rather be”
He decided to keep this to himself
To them it would be a fairytale on a shelf
“There’s no need to share, they wouldn’t even care. This amount of happiness is extremely rare”
The grown man then started to cry
For at that moment he was a little boy who could fly


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