The Egyptian Code

You may have the passport, but have you really EARNED your nationality?

1.All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others”.

2. You cannot criticize someone you support.

3. You cannot praise someone you usually disagree with.

4. Woman noun: a being with the purpose of cleaning, cooking, and staying at home. Education is optional but not for serious use.

5. You talk about everything. You listen to people who have the same views only. Everyone else is a sinner.

6. Work is for lesser nationalities such as German and Japanese.

7. Nothing is your fault.

8. Everything is a conspiracy.

9. You are the center of the world universe.

10. You deserve all that is good.

11. Some things are wrong for no reason. You were raised that way.

12. You want your country to be clean but that does not mean you should participate in the process.

13. It’s better to succeed alone than with anyone else.

14. It’s better for others to fail than for you to succeed.

15. Time and order are of no value. You thrive on chaos.

16. Some lives are more sacred than others.

17. Some people deserve to die and their death should not be mourned.

18. You talk about the affairs of other countries but they’re not allowed to mention yours.

19. You have a theory for why everything is the way it is but whether or not you’re part of the problem is irrelevant.

20. Some lives are more sacred than others!!


Discrimination #30daywritingchallenge

Ageism just like any other form of discrimination is unacceptable. I’m not sure why this challenge is only focusing on ageism and I suppose I’ll be talking about all other kinds of discrimination as well.

The way I see it there’s only one reason why anyone would discriminate against a group of people: weakness and fear. Only someone so small and insecure would judge a whole group of people by something they have in common whether it be age, gender, or ethnicity. You only do that if you’re afraid of others and learning more about people. Your fear drives you to categorize everyone you meet into very few categories that in your own little mind make you feel safe like you know everything about someone based on that one thing.

You’ll find that racists, sexists, and all other kinds of discriminators will stick together because their minds are so simple and their personalities are so weak that they need to keep each other safe. The only way they feel safer is if they manage to fill other people’s heads with their crap.

No one is born racist. A child will only inquire about why someone is a different color than they are out of curiosity. The same way a child might ask why someone is really tall or where do babies come from. I have never seen or heard about a kid that refused to play with another kid because the other child was of a different ethnicity. I’ve never heard a little boy say his mom wouldn’t be a good surgeon/architect. These are things the media and small minded idiots feed children and unfortunately it can leave an impression on a child whose mind is still developing.

Why anyone would discriminate against an old person is beyond me. If anything old people should be taken care of just like they helped take care of their children and grandchildren. How are we even discussing discrimination against old people when most people neglect their elderly anyhow? How much worse can it be? What can anyone possibly find threatening in an old person? I’d like to see someone make an argument for ageism just so see how small of a person he/she is.

Discrimination is an acquired disease of the mind. A disease that has existed throughout history because even thousands of years ago small minded weak people existed in society. The solution is proper education and making sure children aren’t corrupted by inhumane thoughts. Hopefully an honest and true generation can put an end to one of the oldest diseases in human history.


A Book I Loved & One I Did Not #30daywritingchallenge

I will not mention the name of the book I disliked to avoid spoiling it, but if you can guess it let me know.

–The one I loved: East of Eden by John Steinbeck.

It’s probably my favorite book of all time. Luckily it’s a really big book so it took about 2 weeks to read. It basically analyzes the psychology of THREE generations of TWO families. At the end of the book every single thing that happened and every single conversation meant something. It doesn’t connect the characters in a boring or very detailed way. The author focuses on what needs to be focused on and only tells what needs to be told about the rest.

Usually when I find a phrase or paragraph that I love I turn the corner of the page so I can come back to it and there are a lot of pages with flipped corners in this book. The only book I know that’s maybe more quotable than this one is The Picture of Dorian Gray but even though it’s more quotable I still prefer East of Eden. Not even a contest.

It discusses love, family, and economy. It gets into the head of each and every character both directly and indirectly. You WILL have feelings for every character. Some you will respect, others you will sympathize with, and a few you will hate with all your heart.

I read a lot of classics this summer but East of Eden is by far my favorite and having read both I don’t understand why Steinbeck is more famous for Grapes of Wrath.

–The one I disliked:

It’s a famous book by one of history’s most famous and influential authors but I almost hate it. The plot is great but the style of writing was completely unattractive. Unlike most books I read I never felt like staying up to read more or being anxious to go home and get back to it. The only reason I read it was to get it over with. I found the writing confusing and unclear, basically it’s not the type you would want to imitate in your own writings.

I did some research after I was done with it and people were saying they had the same problem not really looking forward to going back and reading it. A few people mentioned that back then the book was released in chapters and a few chapters were released each month. They say that it’s not the kind of book you should read in a few days and that may be it.

The ending sucked for me as well. After being ignored by the love of his life the whole book and her getting married then her marriage ending in disaster the book ends with the protagonist ending up with her. Don’t call me a cynic because I read that the author himself wanted a different ending that was only happy for the protagonist. Unfortunately he was pressured by his friends to make it a “happy” ending. How can I like a book with an ending that the author himself didn’t originally want?


People Who Fascinate Me #30daywritingchallenge

It’s hard to pick ONE person who fascinates me and even if I did I wouldn’t be comfortable naming them. Instead I’m going to talk about how and why people fascinate me and why some don’t.

If I’m going to be honest I’m going to have to say that I’m fascinated by 95% of people. In fact one of the reasons I want to be a doctor is because knowing about physical ailments can help me know more about people. To be able to see someone walk a certain way and have a pretty good guess how they may have gotten injured. That’s something that says a lot about someone and from that you can deduce more.

I’m fascinated by almost everyone. I’m fascinated by people who don’t give a crap and do everything they think of with absolutely no inhibition. I’m fascinated by people who stick by the rules so much that it puts so many restrictions on their daily lives. I’m fascinated why these two groups of people usually hate each other. I’m more interested in WHY people are the way they are. It’s interesting to know how people end up the way they do, what led them there, and how it changed them.

It blows my mind how for instance when I go buy something from the supermarket the cashier only exists while I deal with him and the moment I walk away he stops existing. How many people do you meet everyday that have never existed before your transaction and stop existing after it’s over? Do you realize that the person you walked past this morning has their own life? Your life revolves around you and mine revolves around me but when we meet our lives cross for a while then we both go back to focusing on our lives.

You don’t realize that the taxi driver who just drove you to school will go home to his own family and friends and that he’ll continue existing on the same planet but in an entirely different world to yours. Same thing with your professor, your electrician, or anyone else who stops existing the moment you don’t see them.

This is why every life is fascinating. We’re so consumed in our own lives that we forget that there are six to seven billion stories going on at the same exact time. As I write this there are millions of people working, getting married, being born, and dying. How can you sit there unfascinated (spellcheck says that’s not a word) and be consumed in your own life? Are you not at all interested in other people’s stories?

You see a wedding ring on someone’s finger and it doesn’t take a genius to know what that means but there’s a story behind that ring. It could be so lame that it puts you in a coma or it can be more romantic than a fairy tale. You see the girl with one arm? Maybe she was born that way or maybe she lost it during a tragic accident. Maybe you find out how she lost it but you don’t find out how it changed her life and the life of her parents.

Unless they’re brain dead, and fortunately there are a bunch of brain dead people walking among us, people are and always will be fascinating. Everyone you see has an inner struggle. Everyone you see has failed and succeeded. Everyone you see will not disappear when you stop seeing them.


Where I’d Live #30daywritingchallenge

So if I could choose somewhere to live that I’ve never been to before I’d choose Barcelona. I’d be minutes away from where all the magic happens: Camp Nou. I’d get to witness the best football player in the history of the game play once a week. Instead of watching games on TV I’d be at the stadium chanting and clapping. I’d live in a place where everyone has the same love I do for Barcelona.

Honestly though I wouldn’t mind not living in Barcelona. If I had to choose somewhere else I wouldn’t mind where as long as it’s not similar to my current country of residence. I want to live in a country where the air and food are clean. A place where the transportation is good. I’d love the people I’m meeting to be on time.

These are all things that seem impossible here in Egypt. I’m a very systematic person and chaos fucks with my brain. I hate waiting. I hate that it doesn’t matter whether or not you smoke, the pollution in the air will screw you over anyhow. I hate how food barely has any taste. I don’t like garbage everywhere. Does anyone like looking at garbage? Seeing stuff like this is bad for you even if you don’t realize it.

I want to be somewhere that isn’t always loud. Sometimes I wish I was deaf so I didn’t have to hear all the shit that’s coming from the street or the neighbors. It would also be nice to live in a place where the news isn’t the same everyday, unless you get happy news everyday.

It doesn’t matter where I live as long as it makes me feel like a human being with basic human rights. A place that gives you opportunities and doesn’t limit you and a society that isn’t so fucked up beyond any hope of repair. A place that doesn’t kill your heart and fuck with your brain. Amen.


10 Interesting Facts About Me #30daywritingchallenge

I’m not a fan of talking about myself and to be more honest I really couldn’t think of two interesting facts about me. So I asked six of my friends to help me out and each of them told me one fact that they think is interesting. I came up with the remaining four and they’re not really facts, they’re more of things I think about.

So here are the six responses my friends gave me when I asked them “What’s an interesting fact about me?”

  1. “Your love for Barcelona.” First things first, right?
  2. “You’re in many fandoms. This is a fun thing.” Thanks, if you didn’t think it was bad why’d you add the 2nd sentence?
  3. “Mega pizza eating ability.” Definitely my favorite. A reminder of that glorious night I ate 12 large slices of pizza and had trouble getting up.
  4. “You’re quite.”
  5. “You used to correct our advanced biology teacher.” In other words “you can be a know it all sometimes..”.
  6. “You cover your thoughtfulness by being a jerk.” I’m pretty sure that’s been waiting to come out for some time now..

Four facts I had the brains to come up with all by myself:

  1. I have the awesomest friends. See, am I being a jerk now? No I didn’t just say this to prove a point.
  2. I don’t respect people who spend more time doing things they “have to” than things they “want to”.
  3. The only things that can stop me from being a great doctor are death and disability.
  4. I’m really not interesting. You just wasted a few minutes reading this and I’m not sorry for you because I really am a jerk.

My First Love #30daywritingchallenge

What can I say about my first love? Some things are better left unsaid because finding words for them makes them lose their meaning. That’s how amazing it was.

We were in high school and we were enjoying our lives. In the morning we were in school ignoring others and our love made them feel like their lives were worthless. At night we would sneak off and go somewhere new, but no matter what we did one thing was a constant: at the end of the night we would always kiss. On weekends or holidays we’d.. OKAY I REALLY CAN’T DO THIS

This is all obviously a big lie and if you know me at all you’re either laughing your ass off or collecting your jaw off the floor. My first love was a train wreck. I was friendzoned and she never loved me back. Both some of the best and mostly worst time ever. The end.

I’m beginning to really hate this writing challenge..