A Book I Loved & One I Did Not #30daywritingchallenge

I will not mention the name of the book I disliked to avoid spoiling it, but if you can guess it let me know.

–The one I loved: East of Eden by John Steinbeck.

It’s probably my favorite book of all time. Luckily it’s a really big book so it took about 2 weeks to read. It basically analyzes the psychology of THREE generations of TWO families. At the end of the book every single thing that happened and every single conversation meant something. It doesn’t connect the characters in a boring or very detailed way. The author focuses on what needs to be focused on and only tells what needs to be told about the rest.

Usually when I find a phrase or paragraph that I love I turn the corner of the page so I can come back to it and there are a lot of pages with flipped corners in this book. The only book I know that’s maybe more quotable than this one is The Picture of Dorian Gray but even though it’s more quotable I still prefer East of Eden. Not even a contest.

It discusses love, family, and economy. It gets into the head of each and every character both directly and indirectly. You WILL have feelings for every character. Some you will respect, others you will sympathize with, and a few you will hate with all your heart.

I read a lot of classics this summer but East of Eden is by far my favorite and having read both I don’t understand why Steinbeck is more famous for Grapes of Wrath.

–The one I disliked:

It’s a famous book by one of history’s most famous and influential authors but I almost hate it. The plot is great but the style of writing was completely unattractive. Unlike most books I read I never felt like staying up to read more or being anxious to go home and get back to it. The only reason I read it was to get it over with. I found the writing confusing and unclear, basically it’s not the type you would want to imitate in your own writings.

I did some research after I was done with it and people were saying they had the same problem not really looking forward to going back and reading it. A few people mentioned that back then the book was released in chapters and a few chapters were released each month. They say that it’s not the kind of book you should read in a few days and that may be it.

The ending sucked for me as well. After being ignored by the love of his life the whole book and her getting married then her marriage ending in disaster the book ends with the protagonist ending up with her. Don’t call me a cynic because I read that the author himself wanted a different ending that was only happy for the protagonist. Unfortunately he was pressured by his friends to make it a “happy” ending. How can I like a book with an ending that the author himself didn’t originally want?


2 thoughts on “A Book I Loved & One I Did Not #30daywritingchallenge

  1. This definitely encourages me to read East of Eden soon. If it’s anything at all like the Picture of Dorian Gray in the way the writing makes one marvel at the brilliance of sentences and how they come together, then I’ll probably enjoy it a lot. As for the the other book, it sounds like Charles Dickens. It’s why I’ve managed to avid him so far even though I have several of his books.


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