A Horrifying Children’s Story: Fuck Sheep

Billy was no ordinary sheep
In fact for a sheep, he was a bit of a creep
He watched the farmer kill his friends
While he ate grass and continued to pretend
Until one day he noticed a sheep being incinerated
And thought “why not just decapitated?”
He learned that his fellow sheep was infected
And his revenge plan became perfected
He decided that in the infected soil he would roll
“The human who eats me will lose his soul”
The farmer’s big black wolf had already been observing
A protector in the shadows carefully lurking
She would rather to have not interfered
But for her poor master’s life she really feared
So she took one for the team and ate Billy
But her master misunderstood her actions and thought her silly
He had her put down for what she did
Not knowing that if not for her he would’ve lost his kid

Wolves aren’t always the villains and sheep aren’t always the victims. Fight discrimination.