Medicinal Messi

Life sucks doesn’t it? Well this is a football article so let’s make this a bit happier. Life sucks without football doesn’t it? I know I’m not the only one who hates FIFA week and that period of the year between the UCL final and the first day of club football in August. After two boring weeks club football returned yesterday. There were a bunch of great games too like Spurs-Liverpool, Everton-ManUtd, and of course nothing compares to a return to the Camp Nou.

Despite watching 4 consecutive games on Saturday the 17th, concluded by Barca’s game, I was left wanting more. Neymar played a great game scoring 4 goals and his dribbling was so good if it wasn’t for his short hair I may have mistaken him for Ronaldinho but I was still left feeling..ordinary. What was missing? Who was missing? Lionel Messi.

Leo is not a footballer, perhaps not even a human like you and me, and it shows more when he’s *gulp* gone. I just watched Neymar score FOUR goals! A few weeks ago I saw Lewandowski score FIVE in NINE minutes! What is wrong with me?! I have been inflicted with Messi magic, and I love to break it to you, you’ve got it too. When Messi gets the ball my eyes dilate and my heart beats faster. I blink less and my whole body becomes paralyzed because this is it. NOT NOW MOM/PHONE/DOORBELL! I’m about to witness magic.

Our lives are, apart from a few special moments, ordinary. You wake up and go to work/uni/school and I can probably guess 80% of what goes on in your day correctly, but twice a week that’s not the case. For 90 minutes you have no idea what’s going to happen. Messi receives a pass or a cross and he receives and controls it like he’s Iron Man getting into his suit. It’s a perfect fit. Will he slow down or run for it? Will he go right or will he go left? Will he shoot? Will he pass back?

How many here predicted Messi was going to go right against Boateng? How many expected him to chest the ball into the net in the Club WC final back in 2011? Messi can score, dribble, pass, and well if it’s a verb that exists in the sport of football you know Messi can do it but it’s how he does it and when he chooses to do it. Messi passes to Busquets. Busquets stops the ball. Messi takes it back. One defender. Two defenders. Three defenders. Four defenders. Goal. Wait, what?

Messi gets a pass from Alves and we’re thinking who’s he going to set up with one of his otherworldly passes or you know what I’m going to be a little wild and suggest he’ll try to beat Neuer at the far post, but he decides to beat him at the near post and put the ball in the back of the net. There are a lot of things I can predict. I’m a good observer and it’s a fact that the more you see someone the more you know what they’re about to do, but I see Messi twice a week. I see the guy for 180 minutes a week and I have absolutely no clue if he’s going to pass back to Alves or play the ball over 5 ManCity players for Rakitic to score!

When you watch Leo you see perfection. How often do you see perfection in your life? Do you have the perfect boss/teacher/friend? A human mind loves perfection. They should make studies about what seeing Messi do what he does for a number of years does to your brain. It’s so breathtaking and exceptional that it makes you think “damn I wish everything was as perfect as Messi is with a ball at his feet”.

I never know what Messi’s going to do but I trust him more than anyone or anything to make it unforgettable. Life is mundane and simply regular, but Messi adds a little magic to it. Magic that is good for the soul. Magic that makes you wake up the next day smiling and thinking how much you can’t wait for the next game. I hate not knowing, but I have accepted the fact that I will never know what Messi will do or how he does it or when he chooses to do it. I am satisfied knowing that at the end I will be either on my feet clapping or collapsed on the floor in awe chanting MESSI-MESSII-MESSIII!


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