Her name was..

Galileo realized the Earth revolved around the sun. The apple fell on Newton and he discovered gravity. Penicillin was accidentally invented. The Wright brothers learned to fly. Someone somewhere decided to put ice cream on waffles and the idea caught on. Two world wars done and dusted. The world had gone through a lot. It was preparing for someone special. It had tried over and over to mould itself into something wonderful.

The world failed. Despite its best efforts the harder it tried the worse things got. 9/11 lead to the “war on terror.” Cancer and HIV were recognized and a cure hasn’t been found. Revolutions that gave us hope only to take it away crushed our hearts every few years. Global warming a bigger threat than ever. Racism far from disappearing. In fairness the world had tried its best. It was mainly because of mankind that things weren’t as they should’ve been. The universe knew how important she was, but people were too self involved to see it.

She came to the world not knowing much about it. She was ignorant to the ongoing struggle that’s been going on for thousands of years just for her. The world was losing so terribly that she didn’t even realize how important she was. One thing she didn’t lose, however, was her connection with everything. She spent her days heartbroken over all the injustices that happened around her. She found peace and joy in a few things the world had created just for her. Things no one could take away.

Having failed in its mission to make itself as perfect as possible for her, the world considered ending itself (quite possibly by getting Trump elected as president and having him start a nuclear war). It was all for nothing. Thousands of years had gone to waste. From dinosaurs going extinct to mankind visiting the moon and what was it all for? It wasn’t good enough. She deserved better.

That was when the world was reminded why she was so important. Everything had revolved around her since the beginning of time. It was an assumption that she must be protected and made to live without sorrow. That’s the thing though: she was special. Special people don’t need special treatment. The world didn’t need to make itself hers. She owned it in her own way. The world didn’t have to try to be perfect anymore because she made it so. She accomplished with a smile what forces beyond comprehension have been trying to achieve since the sun lit up. The world needed her, and she was finally here.

Her name was Emma Stone. Or maybe it wasn’t, I’m often wrong these days.