Happiest Years Of My Life

I refuse the notion that my twenties should be the happiest years of my life. In fact I have no respect for a forty something year old who spends his/her days telling people they’ll never be as happy as they are, right now, in theirĀ  twenties. I’m not saying your twenties should be miserable, on the contrary. Have fun and do the things that make you happy in your twenties but don’t expect those ten years to be all fun and games.

What is your issue with being a college graduate or over thirty-one? Who told you the fun was over? Is it the responsibilities? Well if we’re going to look at it responsibility wise then your days in your mother’s uterus were probably the glory days of your entire existence. Responsibilities come after exiting the womb too you know. All of a sudden you’re asked to actively suckle/eat, start communicating, and even control when you pee. For someone who spent 9 months doing absolutely nothing these demands seem preposterous compared to the transition between college and life after college.

Is it because your twenties are when you’re supposed to not care about a thing and travel the world? Have you earned the right to those things? Are you traveling at your own expense or are your parents paying for it? If you’re 22-25 then the greatest achievement in your life is graduating college which is nothing basically. You’ve earned nothing. Yes you deserve to be happy but to say that the maximum amount of “fun” you can have should be at an age where you’ve done and achieved nothing is hilarious.

Alright, so it’s none of the above. You’re just logically thinking that since these are the peak years of your life physically and mentally you should utilize all that energy before you start having osteoarthritis. That’s insane. These aren’t the dark ages. Your life expectancy isn’t thirty years at best. Odds are you’re going to live until at least seventy. If your health stops you from having all the fun you want before you’re at least fifty-five then that’s on you for not taking better care of yourself.

Your twenties are arguably the most crucial years of your life. You could either prepare and work to prepare yourselves for great things, or you can spend them feeling bad about all the fun you’re missing and all the countries you haven’t set foot in yet. Yes, you’re at the peak of your physical and mental powers so you should utilize them to build a future for yourself that gets better with each passing decade rather than wanting your life to peak in the first quarter of it.

If you’re not looking forward to the future that’s on you. You want your life to peak early and spend the rest of it in living hell then by all means, go ahead if you can. If your motivation is success, love, money, fame, or anything else then you should be looking to achieving and enjoying what you’re looking for. If you’re so sure that your life will only get worse after your twenties then what’s the point of waking up for your thirtieth birthday?

Have fun, work hard, get tired, and temporarily give up every once in a while then get back to it. It’s okay, you’re only human. Just don’t mentally accept that your life will only go downhill after college and that college wasn’t even that much fun. Don’t prepare yourself for misery by lowering your expectations of the next 50-100 years of your life. Think of your twenties as the engine room of the ship that is your life. Work hard enough and one day it’ll run itself so that you can enjoy the view from the deck.