Gaza, Political

Thank/Damn You For The Text


Thank you for the text.

Thank you for giving me enough time to finish watching this football game. Perhaps my children have enough time to finish their homework too before we evacuate. They haven’t exercised in a while so this should be good for them. Thank you for giving us time to finish our luxurious meal of seafood and the finest meat. I really needed these few minutes to call someone to let them know we’ll be living at our beach house until this is all over. Why live in the beach house? Hell, let’s book a plane ticket and go live in Paris. I bet I have enough time to take a few pictures and post them on social networks #surviving. Thank you for the adrenaline rush; I almost forgot what it felt like to be alive.

Damn you for the text.

Damn you for forcing me to choose between saving my children and my paralyzed father. Damn you for making us homeless and taking away whatever sense of security we had left. Damn you for forcing us to realize that you could kill us if you wanted but that you’re not going to because you’d rather extend our agony. Damn you for terrifying my children and ruining their innocence. You took away what little hope of getting an education they had. The only hope I had for them. Damn you for giving us a chance to survive a little longer. Damn you for not uniting me with the rest of my family. Damn you for making me wish I didn’t have these few minutes to escape..

gM9oTGyYou see, it’s like you’re standing in front of a panel with 50 red buttons with a gun to your head. One of these buttons will kill you when you press it, but every time your finger approaches one of them the man with the gun tells you “this won’t kill you” and so you press it only to live a few more seconds. You keep going and he tells you you’re safe as you press another one and as soon as you take your finger off the button, BAM. The button didn’t kill you, maybe the lethal button was the 50th and he knows it. You just died because he felt like it. He felt like he “extended” your life long enough.

It’s not just murder. It’s torturing people and taking away everything they have. It’s about making death the only way to escape.