“People don’t change”

Some say that losing your faith in God can make you lose your faith in people, but no one ever discusses the opposite. What if believing that people can’t change or are hopeless makes you lose your faith in God?

You see, by believing that people can’t change one subconsciously realizes that people don’t really have a choice and that they’re born to follow a certain path. Let’s say person X’s good deeds outweigh his bad ones and vice versa for person Y and that you believe they can’t change. Eventually X’s deeds will lead him to heaven as Y’s will lead him to hell and if they can’t control that because “they can’t change” then there’s no choice here. Person X was born to end up in heaven and person Y to end up in hell. How can you believe in a God who creates a servant only to send him/her to hell? It’s illogical and you don’t realize it but your brain comprehends it and the thought eventually builds up inside your head.

I now realize that this is why prophets can’t give up on people regardless of how much they were harmed. They couldn’t just give up on someone who disobeyed God because that would mean that God created that person only to torture him for all of eternity and that’s not how God works. I suppose this is why atheism is at an all time high in Egypt right now. We’ve given up on each other because we lost hope. We gave up and stopped caring about what happened to the people around us and we lost faith even in ourselves, and some of us lost faith in God.